When and Why to Use Military Grade Wire  

When and Why to Use Military Grade Wire   

The military grade wires are wires that are manufactured in accordance with military specifications. This means that the applications that it is made for are highly demanding. The industries that use this kind of wiring are the aviation and aerospace industries because of the extreme and harsh operating conditions such as high temperatures, pressures, and frequencies. The military grade wires are used when the situation demands something that is beyond what commercial wire and cable designs are able to withstand.

One of the most frequently used military grade wires is the M13486. It is made for heavy duty vehicles and aircraft. It is used as an electrical cable. So, how do you known when you actually need a military grade wire? Does your need require mil spec wiring? These types of wires are usually lightweight, durable, and rugged. These cables and wires are manufactured with the highest quality materials possible. Even though these kinds of cables and wires can be impressive, not all applications require their use. You might want to be sure if you need these kinds of cables or wires because they can get quite expensive.

If your application is one that is critical, then you might want to get some military standard cables or wiring. One way that you can determine if these kinds of wires are what you need is if the application that you are thinking about using them in is highly important. Is it vital to your entire process? Will the failure of your application result in a heavy loss for you and your organization? If yes, then you should definitely consider the use of mil spec wires.

These amazing cables and wires have been designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme environmental conditions known to the planet. They can function in the most volatile and stressful temperatures and are resistant to corrosion and abrasion. They can also handle a wide range of voltage. These cables and wires are most definitely impressive. It is no surprise that they are able to provide long lasting service in the most demanding of conditions.

The mil spec wires and cables can be used in both military and non-military applications. These applications can range from airframes, antennas, ground wire, heavy-duty vehicles, satellites, jet engines, weaponry, and a variety of electrical systems. They are rated to withstand both extremes of high and low temperature environments. The military applications are in a constant state of motion. Therefore, there is always vibration. These wires are also built to be able to withstand the constant vibrations that would damage normal and commercial wires and cables. If your application will be experiencing lots of vibrations, then it is most likely best for you to use mil spec cables and wires.

The mil spec cables and wires are not only durable and reliable, but they are also very well shielded. They are covered with EMI/RFI shielding materials. These materials can shield the cables and wires from radiation. If your application is going to be exposed to radiation, then it is best for you to opt for the mil spec.

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